Tomorrow I turn 32.  Thirty-stinkin-two years old.

I LOVE my birthday.  I always have.  Halloween week has always been a week of celebrations and happy memories. I don’t just love my birthday, I love to celebrate and make other’s birthdays special too.

Each year I do a list of life lessons. Here is this years list!


  1. 30 wasn’t as scary as everyone makes you think it is.  In fact, I still feel like I’m in my 20’s.  Age really is just a number.
  2. Say what you mean, but don’t say it mean.  You can deliver bad news or criticism without being harsh.  It’s not what you say as much as it is how you say it.
  3. Never stop learning.  Just because you finished high school/college/scored your dream job whatever, doesn’t mean that the learning stops there.  The most successful people are those who are the first to admit they don’t know everything because they are always willing to learn.
  4. Love hard.  With your whole heart and without conditions.
  5. Nothing takes the place of real conversation.  In this day and age of technology, it’s so easy to go days at a time with only having conversations via email and text.  The problem is that you can’t hear the emotional inflections or read body language.  I get that we’re not all blessed to have every conversation in person.  But nothing replaces making a real connection with someone and that just simply can’t be done over text.
  6. Save more than you spend.  Another one that can’t always be done, but I’m a firm believer in putting away money for a nest egg, rainy day, retirement, traveling.  A new handbag feels great, trust me I know…  But being financially stable and responsible feels a whole heck of a lot better than any accessory you’ve been eyeing.
  7. Treat Yo Self.  Not to totally contradict myself in #4, but sometimes you really do need to splurge on yourself.  Maybe that’s a new pair of heels, an ice cream cone, a mani or maybe even a bubble bath.  Just know that it is okay to treat yourself from time to time, especially as a reward.
  8. Put down my phone.  My biggest distraction in life lives in the form of an iPhone.  My iPhone contains everything that keeps me from being present, all in one device.  
  9. Keep falling in love with your spouse.  You won’t like your spouse every minute of every day.  But you do have to love them every minute of every day.  A good marriage is a marriage built on love.  A great marriage is also built on love as well as two people who choose each other every single day.  You have to make a choice every morning to keep falling in love with your husband.
  10. Less tv, more books.  There is something to be said about wasting tons of time on trash tv (you know what I’m talking about!).  I feel so much more fulfilled when I use my brain to read a book than I do when I watch yet another episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and I love me some Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
  11. Podcasts and audiobooks are an amazing thing.  I was super late to the game on these two amazing inventions.  Now, there’s no looking back.  I almost always have an audiobook or a podcast going at all times of the day.  I love taking in information while doing work or driving.
  12. It’s okay to not be the best.  I’ve learned to stop measuring my results according to what others achieve.
  13. Success isn’t measured by your bank account.  We grow up believing that you need to have the best to be the best.  Better grades mean a better job which means more money.  Success in your career is a great thing, don’t get me wrong.  It’s success at home, with your family and your friendships, that make for a truly happy life.
  14. Cooking can be fun.  I recently decided to teach myself to cook. Sometimes I get it right and others, not so much.  That’s okay though!  
  15. Stay hydrated.  I get pretty intense about drinking water.  I try to drink 8 plus big glasses of water a day. I’m a firm believer that your skin and your body directly benefit by staying hydrated.
  16. Dogs make life better.  No explanation needed. My Opie girl is my sunshine every day.
  17. You’ll never regret chasing your dreams.  But you will regret it if you don’t chase them.
  18. Make sleep a priority.  The saying, “You can sleep when you’re dead” is for the birds.
  19. Be the first to apologize.  Even if you don’t want to or don’t feel like you’re in the wrong.  Find what you did incorrectly, and apologize for that.
  20. Stop trying so hard.  If your efforts are not reciprocated, then dial it back. Find people who meet you in the middle not, people who expect you to make the first call, write the first email, always ask them how they are. It’s exhausting.
  21. Have dessert.  Maybe not after every single meal…  But life is short, order the dessert.
  22. Marriage isn’t 50/50.  Marriage is 100/100.  You have to try your best every single day to give 100%, 50% won’t cut it.
  23. Be careful who you give your time to.  Be choosy who you allow into your heart.
  24. Be quick to listen and slow to speak.  The best conversationalists are really just the best listeners.  Work on listening to what is being said instead of formulating your response.
  25. Fresh flowers and a scented candle make for a cozy home.  Fresh flowers add color and life; candles add warmth, glow and, scent to a room.  Both help to create ambiance in the home.
  26. When you look bad, you’ll feel bad.  I love a day in sweats but most days it’s important to put your lotion on and make yourself feel good. Taking care of your body and appearance lift your spirits and your self-esteem.
  27. Take your vitamins.  I can tell a difference in the way I feel on the days I take my vitamins.  In this age of processed food, it’s impossible to get all of the nutrients our bodies need in our diet alone.
  28. Cherish your grandparents. If you’re lucky enough to get to have a relationship with your grandparents, you should.
  29. Don’t settle for less.  Don’t settle for the wrong relationship, the wrong job or even a wrong friendship.
  30. Other people’s opinions of you aren’t your business.  It really does not matter what other people think of you. Know yourself, your values, and trust your gut. You know what is best for you and your life.
  31. Coffee is essential for life to even begin each morning. If you don’t drink coffee, find something to kick start your day!
  32. Love yourself first. There is nothing more important than learning to love yourself fully. Whether you’re single, engaged, married, divorced, or whatever. If you do not love yourself and you aren’t personally fufiled you will always be searching for “what’s missing”. Spend time with yourself and learn to like yourself.

    Please leave a comment below with some of your most valuable life lessons, whether practical or heartwarming.  I love so much reading each one of your comments.  

xo BeBelle