I recently started an amazing job – – an opportunity that I’m so thankful for. And I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with many accomplished, talented and badass women over the past 4 months – – to say it is inspiring is an understatement. But a common theme remains no matter what job I work in, people seem to react VERY personally to criticism and to get upset about things that I don’t even notice.

If I think back four-six years ago I was the same. I wanted to do well so badly that any negative feedback crushed my heart. But then life happened – – and after all of the highs and lows and I don’t care about these things anymore. When you go through so many life changing events – – you realize that nothing can break you and you become immune to petty bullshit. And I am so happy to say that I get it now…

I understand how these amazingly strong, confident and kind women are how they are. They went through the worst, survived and came back breathing fire! There is no reason to stress of the little day-to-day silly things … I don’t anymore and life is SO much better. Yes I still get upset or sad but not in the same way because I know down to my core that I can and I will survive anything.

I hope that you all will eventually feel this unshakeable. And that no matter what life throws at you, you will take time to be upset and then come back so much better! That you come back breathing fire and spreading love and kindness to everyone who isn’t as badass as you are yet.

Do your best, be kind and don’t take any crap – – this will get your further than anything else ever will.

BeBelle! xo