The interesting part about moving so much, meeting new friends, missing important life moments back home and trying to settle into yet another new job, city and life is how quickly you realize (if you’re like me) who cares about you and who doesn’t.

A lot of the relationships I would’ve considered most important have crumbled over the years – – distance puts a strain on a relationship. Looking back, the relationships that blew up, fell apart or slowly faded away were mainly one-sided (me making all the calls, effort etc.). But, the great thing is that now I am surrounded by my “ride or dies” (you all know who you are and I love you so much). I hope you all have these kinds of people in your life – – the people who will answer your calls or call back no matter what, make time to listen, want to hear how you are .. the people who care about you and how you really are.

My most recent move has opened y eyes to the fact that not only did I used to “care more” than almost everyone, but I still do. Life gets busy and we all have a ton going on but I always make it a priority to keep in touch with these people and always will.

If you have relationships that seem to be not working or fading away take time to evaluate if it’s you or them .. are you in different chapters of life? Have you always made all the effort? Do you not have time for what they are looking for? Are you being too wrapped up in your own world? Are they a positive in your life?

Caring so much has been my thing since I was a little kid … but knowing that the people in my life care as much as I do and it’s 100% reciprocated is so fulfilling. Make sure to clean out your relationship closet every 6 months and to choose wisely who you invest in … and don’t forget about the people who have always been there for you, even if they aren’t with you everyday.

Great relationships are so worth it!