When was the last time you got into a “toff” with a friend, coworker or family member? Did you feel your blood pressure rise as they made comments you didn’t agree with? This is common and unfortunately happens all too often.

But what matters most is how YOU react. I openly admit that sometimes I take things too personally or react too quickly – – but this usually happens when my heart is invested and I feel completely misunderstood. I’ve worked on this “issue” over the past few years and I can now deal with things from an objective view which saves a lot of unnecessary upset feelings.

You should work on this too (if it’s an issue for you) – – taking a few steps back before you react and considering why someone reacted the way they did is essential for healthy living. No, you aren’t always right and neither is anyone else. The sooner you realize most things that upset you have nothing to do with you it will save you words you don’t mean, days of feeling uneasy, assumptions and bad feelings towards the people you love.

Make it a goal to step back before you react or get upset. We all have “off” days  – – try to be more compassionate and to not hold grudges. They are unhealthy and unproductive. People make mistakes – – you do too. Sometimes people need a second chance and honestly, we all deserve a second chance (not a 3rd or 4th).  Be the bigger person!