How would you like to be perceived? This is something we all think about (consciously or unconsciously) but think about it – – how do you want people to think of you?

Personally, I always wanted to please everyone and to be accepted. So I spent a majority of my life trying win people over. BUT what I’ve learned is that how other people “see” you is a reflection of themselves and how they think of themselves. We can’t let other peoples opinions shape how we see ourselves.

Why do we look to others for validation? Why do we care so much how we are perceived? These questions will probably never be answered but we can all make a conscious effort to care more about how we feel about ourselves rather than to look to others to make us feel good.

I recently tested this with my marketing team by asking them all to name their 5 best qualities and to describe themselves in 5 words. Instead of answering they all started asking each other – – once realizing they couldn’t help each other and had to do it themselves, they soon had to value themselves more and look within to find what they were proud of.

This exercise is something I’ve had to do at many jobs – – I highly recommend you share with your friends, daughters, nieces or even coworkers.

Lets stop looking to others to boost our self-image and start looking within to be proud of who we are.

xo BeBelle!