I’ve discussed the topic of change in previous posts but today I want to tackle how you embrace change. Life is unpredictable and none of us know what tomorrow will bring. I’ll be honest, in the first 23ish years of my life I was a total control freak – – I had it all planned. The job, the house I was going to build, the man I was going to love forever, the town I wanted us to settle in and the list of plans went on and on and on. For those of you whose lives went exactly “as planned”, good for you – -you’re truly lucky!

For those of you whose didn’t go as planned, mine definitely didn’t and my world has been turned upside down many times. Each moment that has made me who I am brought a feeling deep inside that was pure devastation, absolutely terrified and so disappointed that I had “failed” at whatever situation wasn’t working out. Some of you may read this and think, well those were all choices you made and chances you took … but I don’t agree. Accepting all the life changing moments I have been through took me until my 29th birthday. I always blamed myself and was SO hard on myself when things “failed”. BUT, today I know that every time I was pushed into another big change and challenge I grew so much stronger. I have travelled, lived in many different cities, met so many different people, had amazing career opportunities and learn to truly live life to its fullest every single day. I am often told that i used to be “so planned and calculated” BUT when all your “plans” blow-up you start to have blind faith that no matter what changes are thrown your way, you’ll figure it out.

For any of you reading this who are facing a life-altering change and feeling terrified, alone, devastated, judged and so disappointed know this, you will survive. An you’ll back someday and know exactly why this needs to happen. You path needs some adjusting – – trust that these changes are for the better, embrace the changes and stop planning every second of everyday. Start living your life in the moment and truly enjoying your days. You never know how long you have … don’t waste it!