I recently uprooted my life once again and moved to Calgary, Alberta. Not going to lie… I never thought I’d live here and this was not part of any plan I ever had. But to be honest, none of my so called plans have worked out as I thought so I stopped planning awhile ago…

My move to Calgary has not only been my favourite move ever, it has taught me one of me biggest lessons. Happiness is an inside job and doing what is best for YOU is essential for a happy, fulfilling life.

Moving, starting a new job and making all new friends might sound like some peoples nightmare – – but, because I’ve been in the situation many, many times it didn’t scare me. If anything I was ready for a clean slate and another chance at a fresh start.

After settling into my new place, new job and new area – – I realized that no matter where I go (how far or near from home) it’s all about mindset. It is my choice to create and maintain the “happy life” and whatever that means to me. I think that this is a lesson we can all think about.

The way you feel about yourself comes from within, the way you react to others is a reflection of how you feel yourself, your mental state is 100% all about how you feel inside – – so as much as we may want to distract ourselves from issues or stress, until we face everything head on we will never feel fully happy.

Calgary has definitely been me facing everything head on and gaining all my independence and self-confidence back. My suggestion for any of you who feel not fully happy or “full” is to stand up and face whatever it is that is bugging you (even if you’ve buried it way down) – – make a change, take the new job, move to a new town, end a relationship you know isn’t right, commit to the one you know is, invest in yourself, find your passion … face your fears and embrace who you are. The sooner you feel 120% confident in yourself, your abilities and that you will be just fine no matter what life throws your way the better off you’ll be.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – – this is the truth and I hope that you all will find the badass inside of yourselves to be whole enough to not let anything shake you. Life is tough, but so are you. Enjoy the ride and edit often!


xo S.