I don’t know for sure but I can guess with almost 100% accuracy that you are way too hard on yourself. It’s human nature. Our society is universally ridiculously over critical of themselves. We hold onto our shortcomings and conveniently forget our successes and positive qualities. And guess what? It’s going to be pretty hard for any one else to respect, like, or love you if you don’t love yourself.

While it may be easy to love others, it’s much more challenging to see the good in ourselves. We let people take advantage of us. We stay stuck in unhealthy relationships. We binge eat. We waste our valuable time. We have goals that are far beneath our capabilities, or worse, have no goals at all!

Here’s the cool thing. You can decide to change that now. No need to wait until the new year, a new week, or for your circumstances to change.

Right now you’ve got old habit patterns that are keeping you stuck in your old way of thinking. We all do. Luckily, those patterns can be broken and one of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to re-program your brain using positive affirmations.

In order to create change, it’s important to use affirmations daily until they become engrained in your subconscious. Once that happens, a new thought pattern is formed and this new thought pattern will be your new default.

Here are 10 affirmations that you can use to start shifting your mindset to start loving yourself more today…

  1. “I am unique, I am relevant” You matter to the world. Your opinions matter. Your work matters. Your mere presence matters. You’ve already touched numerous lives in a positive way.
  2. “My mistakes are lessons that expand me, not define me.” Your mistakes may have influenced your life, but don’t define you. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made, as long as you learn from them. Tomorrow is a new day.
  3. “I forgive myself and anyone who has done me wrong.” Forgiving doesn’t mean that you have to let them back into your life or give them another chance. It just means that you’re not going to spend any more time or mental energy holding onto your anger. That negative energy only affects you. Let it go.
  • You’ll impress yourself with your inner strength and enjoy the lightness that forgiveness brings.
  1. “I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am abundant, I am love.” Think about the best compliments you’ve ever received. Bask in them. The most meaningful compliments are those that ring true in the depth of your soul. It’s cool when someone else recognizes the good in us, but it’s also important to affirm those things to ourselves. Try looking at yourself in the mirror and using the affirmation above (or create your own) while you say your affirmation out loud.
  2. “I stand up for what I believe in.” Be bold in your opinion of what’s right and wrong. Stay true to your values. Be willing to share your interests and hobbies with others. When you love yourself, you can do what you love without the need for approval from others. Be proud of what’s most important to you.
  3. “I love myself.” The world will be harsh enough on you. Make an effort to love yourself. Be kind. Speak and think loving thoughts towards yourself and your body. Focus on your good qualities and your strengths.
  4. “I am here to serve others.” We admire people who give of themselves. You can admire yourself by spending some time each week helping to make someone else’s life a little easier or more pleasant. Find a charity or social organization that addresses a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. Or, you can start small and just make a point of smiling at strangers – smiles brighten people’s day!
  5. “I lovingly nourish my mind, body and spirit every day.” Eat a nourishing diet. Drink lots of water. Exercise or move your body. Get outside every day. Breath. Pay for a good haircut, a massage, anything that would make you feel amazing. Avoid dressing like a slob. Don’t obsess over your appearance, but give it the attention it deserves. Make an effort to look your best because you’re worth the time and effort.
  6. “Self care is a priority in my life.” Take the trip you’ve been putting off. Buy yourself a book. Take a cooking class. Buy those 1000 thread count sheets that you feel like you don’t need. Don’t do it as a reward. Do it just because you’re wonderful.
  7. “I am successful.” Remember how amazing you are. You’ve done lots of great things. Remind yourself of them. Success doesn’t necessarily refer to finances; success is being surrounded by positive relationships, loving your job, being an amazing parent, always doing your best.

When we were young our parents taught us to be loving and kind to other people. It’s about time you applied the same rule to yourself. The whole world benefits when you love yourself more. You’re happier and at your best. You can do more for others and be more inspiring. Take the time to love yourself fully. You deserve it.

Love and gratitude,

Melissa Kuan

Clarity. Confidence. Inspired Action.