I am over the moon! The amount of love, support, and encouragement that BeBelle has received over the last 2 years has been overwhelming BUT 100k followers on Instagram?! Someone pinch me!

Celebrating every victory with you guys, every step of the way is very important to me because you are the ones who have made BeBelle the community I always used to dream of.

I wish so badly that you could’ve seen my smile as I was scrolling through Instagram and saw 100k pop up. This milestone means the world to me, more than I can even explain!

BeBelle is made up of such bold and brilliant women, ya’ll inspire me every single day. (I do try to get to all of your messages, if I ever miss yours, I promise I am trying my best!)

100k symbolizes that #bebelle represents loving yourself for exactly who you are (Be YOU!). We need to continue sharing our stories, cheering each other on and being fearless in our dreams. I am beyond thankful for all of you!

To each and every one of you reading this: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. BeBelle is my heart, cannot wait to see where we go next. 100K!!!

xo BeBelle!