Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is a wonderful day to be a woman because today we are celebrated and have the opportunity to discuss why this day is so necessary. If you turn on the tv or open your computer you will see tweets, social posts, shout-outs, stories and many articles surrounding  International Women’s Day! This year was a big year for women but, this is only the beginning. The #metoo movement is just the beginning of a whole new world for women and I couldn’t be more excited to see what 2018 brings!

I see this day as a way for us to celebrate how incredible every woman is and how amazing every woman could be if they weren’t held back. Gender equality is not where it needs to be, but there is now a spotlight on the issue and it is finally being discussed. Today is about opening up the conversation about women, our abilities to succeed and how we can come together to make a difference (especially for our next generation).

As the creator of BeBelle, I am not shy about my strong feelings about empowering women to be their best versions of themselves. All women should feel confident and happy and have the opportunity to pursue whatever they dream of. We should embrace the idea of women being respected rather than shamed for their personal choices. Women are under extreme pressure to look a certain way and to make certain life choices on a ticking time-clock. Men are not under these same pressures and it needs to stop.

International Women’s Day is a good reminder that we need to continue celebrating women who are brave enough to take a stand, be proud of who they are, and what they’ve accomplished. For all the women out there who have any doubts about themselves, don’t let societies expectations get you down, keep kicking ass and being YOU!

Let’s continue to stand together, share our stories and celebrate each other, not just today but EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

Happy International Women’s Day!
xo BeBelle


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