How strong is your sense of self?

Over the past year, I’ve received a lot of messages asking how I stay on track while I’m moving, changing jobs etc. And to be honest, it all starts with a strong sense of self. I do not make life changes in hopes that I’ll find myself in a new place, new career, new person – – I know who I am, what my values are and no matter where I’ve ended up, they don’t change. My purpose (to help people and to live my best life) and passion (journaling/writing) always are at the core of who I am.

Here are my top 7 tips for staying on track during big life changes:

  1. SELF CARE. You need to keep your health (mental and physical) at the top of mind during any big life change. Whether it is something you planned for or didn’t plan for it will take a toll on you, make sure to take time for yourself and to be gentle with yourself.
  2. SLEEP. During any kind of life change, you may find yourself wide awake for hours during the night with your mind racing. I highly suggest figuring out a way to completely relax before bed. Personally, I journal and/or watch a funny show to take my mind off my worries. But this can be a workout, a bath, a glass of wine, a face mask … whatever makes you feel better.
  3. WATER. I get terrible headaches (mainly from hormones) but I can feel the really bad ones coming during times of change. To prevent feeling sluggish, and getting headaches drink lots of water throughout the day. I start every day with a tall glass of ice cold water and I swear it makes me feel 100% more alive immediately.
  4. EATING HABITS. I’m definitely not one to give “healthy eating” advice but during times of change, it is essential to mix in some fruit, veggies and greens. If you’re like me, a cookie is such a perfect cure to momentary feelings of worry or a busy schedule grab and go snack but try to grab an apple between the cookies and you really will have more energy.
  5. EXERCISE. Again, I’m the furthest thing from an athlete. BUT I do find that any type of physical activity gets your body as tired as your mind and that equals a great sleep!
  6. HOBBIES. What do you do for fun? What makes you happy? What is your passion? I love to write and be creative … soothes my soul. Don’t stop doing what makes you happy just because you are in a period of transition. And if you have to stop for awhile, make sure to pick it back up again.
  7. SELF-REFLECTION. Some of you may roll your eyes and say, who has time for that?! Well, you should make time! If you are racing through life – – day to day – – project to project – – you will never deal with your feelings, emotions and truly experience the change and be able to move forward with zero strings attached to the past (other than good memories!). Self-reflection has taught me patience, self-love, letting go, empathy, generosity and what is important to me.

Change is a scary word for many. It means the unknown. But, after experiencing high volumes of huge life-changing events over the past five years I am here to tell you, do not be afraid. You cannot prevent change (even though it would be a lot more comfortable), so grow and embrace these times! You’ll look back and marvel at how far you’ve come.

BeBelle xo





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  1. Hello, I really enjoyed reading your 7 steps to stay on track! I get so overwhelmed at times and forget to “self reflect” and sleep whats that?? I too have racing thoughts I will try some relaxation techniques you suggested thanks for those! I found you on Instagram and glad I did I will read more of your posts I like your positive vibes 😊😊😊

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