The Big 3-0

Today is my 30th birthday — The big 3-0!

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been pretty nervous about today – – the outpouring of uninvited “after 30 your life goes downhill” comments weren’t lacking and oh my, was 29 full of them! Luckily though, my heart is still beating and I still feel exactly the same!

My memories of each birthday are very vivid, it’s my favorite time of year! Halloween, crisp nights, candles burning, fields burning, big sweaters, boots, mitts, warm drinks and the smell of the end of fall – – the feeling of a fresh start! I can remember turning 16, 18, 21 and even 26 thinking 30 was so dang old … “by then I’ll be married with a few kids for sure”. And now I have to chuckle a little, life definitely is not what I ever dreamed it would be – – it’s so much more!

Growing up I would say I was a very calculated person, if I set a goal I made it happen and if I made plans I made them happen as well. My motivation, determination, and willingness to take risks have not changed but, my mindset has. Along the way I’ve hit some serious roadblocks, I can still feel the exact emotions of each moment my life took a major turn and twisted in a direction I did not plan for. I was pushed down a new path many times and finally, at 30 I can say from the bottom of my heart that sometimes not getting what you want, is the greatest gift of all.

My 30 years haven’t always been easy but, they have been full of so much life! My hardest lesson has been to learn that some things will not work out as I planned,  and accepting that it’s okay that my journey is different than others in my life. My 30 years have blessed me with one of the greatest gifts (that most people never get), the gift of “living life to it it’s fullest”. I’ve worked very hard and have been given amazing career opportunities, met many people from all walks of life, lived in a few of the prettiest places in Canada, been on countless adventures, made friends with some of the most amazing people out there, but most importantly – – I found myself. My way of thinking is so much bigger and I appreciate each day so much more – – I am so grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to live such a rich life already!

Here are the 30 most impactful things I’ve learned at 30:
-Life goes on … might not seem like it now, but it always keeps moving forward.
-Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have (LOVE yourself!)
-Having 100 friends is nice but, having REAL friends is the best – – ask yourself often, who is there always, no matter what?
-Find something you love and love it with your whole heart. What is your passion?!
-Enjoy the moment, live in the present and stop to smell the roses. You will not get it back, enjoy it!
-Looking good is nice but, being NICE is way more important – – being kind will get your further than anything else.
-Be cautious with who you share your personal struggles, not everyone is on your team.
-Make sure the important people in your life know that they’re special!
-Nature can cure almost anything – – get outside and smell the fresh air.
-Find an outlet for things that frustrate and upset you (working out, writing, dancing etc.. figure this out and use it every time)
-Material things do not fill the void of something that is bothering you internally.
-Be careful with your hard earned pennies – – you may unexpectedly need that stash someday!
-If people are constantly criticizing, picking on and misunderstanding you – – they aren’t your people. Find your people and then cherish them!
-Good relationships feel good and they make you a better person. DO NOT SETTLE EVER!
-You do not need a guy to find your worth >>  find worth in yourself and then find a guy who is worthy of you.
-Not every situation needs a reaction – – in fact, staying quiet and moving forward is sometimes the best response of all.
-Jealousy and insecurity are both 100% born out of personal experiences. Both are a HUGE waste of time  – – do you, be you and if someone is prettier, smarter or funnier learn from them and compliment them!
-Throw compliments around like confetti – you’ll feel better!
-Do not compare yourself, or your life to anyone else’s – – everyone has their own journey!
-Learn to adapt to whatever comes your way – – change is scary but usually so good.
-Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid! (Fear is what stops so many people from following their dreams, do not let it stop you in any situation)
-Take risks, often! Better to have lived and learned then to have never lived at all. #truth
-Spend time with older people, little kids, animals and the disabled – – humble your self often.
-STOP gossiping! It’s useless and takes up so much time – – mind your own damn business and get a life!
-If something bad happens to you, TELL SOMEONE. Do not keep it inside … get help, talk to someone and heal yourself.
-Assess who is in your life often and brutally – – “spring clean” as often as you need. But when you find your tribe, do not let them go.
-Do not take any day for granted – – some people will never turn 30, some people will never see their kids get married, etc. Be thankful, every damn day!
-You are so much stronger than you think!
-Think about all the things you’re unhappy/worried about – – will they matter in 5 years? If not, take a chill pill and smile, your heart is beating and everything will be okay!
-If someone or something makes your heart skip and your life light up – – dive in, your happiness is the most important thing there is!

I welcome 30 with open arms and a big smile because I am so proud of who I am and how far I’ve come.  And for all of you whose journey is not at all what you thought it’d be, embrace it and be thankful! Everyone is different, enjoy the ride!

I need to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who read my blog, to everyone who saw the real me and loved me for me, for everyone who took a chance on me and for all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t change a thing! I have a feeling that 30s may be the best decade yet!

xo S


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