I marvel …

I marvel at the way we often get a special gift of encouragement to us, at just the right time! It might be in a dream, a lost letter, a memory, something found that we’d forgotten about, or something that directly interrupts our life, like a big sign. 

My Grandma is from a little area in the heart of Minnesota. Summer after summer I’ve enjoyed visiting my grandparents. I love the small town they live in. Everyone knows them,  their kids, their hobbies, their ancestors and on and on. My bond with them has continued to grow and it is one of the most influential relationships I’ve had in my whole life. 

Grandma was always using her hands for something exciting … she would make little picnics and we’d have the best celebrations for no reason at all, she’d make everything pretty and has the most natural talent to see something ordinary and turn it into a treasure. She’d make blankets and paint toys for us grandchildren as well as always being present for everything “special” in our lives, rain or shine they have been there. 

My grandma is now 82 years old, and she came to see me over the weekend with my mom. Her courage to travel all the way to Calgary (even though she does not feel at all like she used to) means everything to me. Seeing her face light up when she saw the mountains, flowers, lakes and hearing her tell the funniest stories inspired me so so much. How happy I was to spend the weekend with her and my mom. But more importantly, how inspiring it was to see this woman (my grandma) who had helped raise me still, at 82 years old make every minute count. She is so special and I am the most thankful that I got chosen to be her granddaughter. 

What a precious memory with my most special ladies who somehow, always know how to make the best of every moment! I hope that all of you have someone in your life that can take you back to what is truly important, ground you and help you appreciate every single minute of your life! Don’t take it for granted – – you may not get the moment again!

xo S.


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