Oh Ophelia!

We are back, Summer 2017 has been wonderful but oh so fast and after a nice month off from BeBelle we are back and so happy about it. Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer!

I wanted to kick things off by introducing one of most important parts of my life, my puppy girl Ophelia (“Opie” for short). She turns two on September 2nd and I am so sad – – time flies way too fast. She has changed my world in ways that many of you non-dog people will roll your eyes at but, it’s true. When I first met her I was not only, not ready – – I was terrified. I had always been nervous around dogs and had no idea what I was signing up for.

Opie has been a little bit of a diva since 8 weeks old (some close to me say, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree haha). She refused to walk for the first 4 weeks I had her and slept maybe 3 hours in a row for the first month – – who knew a little pup could have so much pee bottled up. Then she soon became a ball obsessed/shadow that to this day, does not let me get out of her sight and never goes anywhere without her ball.

-She has taught me a whole lot about keeping something alive and not just alive – – she’s a ball of energy and she forces me to run, walk, or lets be honest,  drug along behind her haha and play ball, always.

-She has taught me what it’s like to watch something grow and learn and become a good little puppy girl (most of the time).

-She has taught me that I am the BIGGEST suck and I’m not so good at staying mad at her adorabley shaggy face and oh so bored flops around the house.

-She has taught me what true loyalty and love is and really has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

Again, all you non-dog people are gagging right now I’m sure (have a kid you may say….) – – but Opie girl is my baby and she makes me a better person – –  I’m so lucky to get to be her puppy mama! She is the goofiest, sweetest, sassiest, floppiest and smartest little fur ball and I wouldn’t trade her for anything, she’s my best bud.

A dog is a HUGE commitment – – make sure you can have the time, energy and money before you get one yourself. But for any of you who are on the fence, if you have the time and lifestyle you won’t regret it!




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