Relationships make the world go round. Whether we like to admit it or not, our personal and work relationships have a huge impact on mental and emotional well-being.

How many of you have friendships that exhaust you? Thrill you? Cure your blues? Frustrate you? etc…

We all do! The thing about relationships is that they are ever changing and evolving and they take WORK to maintain. Everyone we meet serves a purpose and teaches us something. And sometimes the chapter/season we meet someone in changes overtime and we end up in different stages of life. These are times that can weight heavy on any relationship – – often resulting in people going separate ways or resentment to build over time.

BUT, if a relationship is real … I know for certain that no amount of time or distance can destroy a genuine connection. Live your life for YOU, make decisions that will positively influence your future and whether people stay or go – – good relationships make you feel good, they make you a better person and they make you feel free and light. Tell these people how special they are to you and weed out anyone who makes you feel less – – your future self will thank you!