At work on Friday I had a lunch meeting with my marketing team and we all went around sharing what we are most proud of. I try to do group exercises once a week to make everyone think and feel good about themselves!

What surprised me most was what a hard time everyone had listing what they’re proud of. Some answers were;

  • Graduating University
  • This job
  • My kids
  • My house and puppy
  • Travelling Europe alone

All of these answers are fabulous BUT what I was hoping for was what about themselves (personally) makes them proud. So when I said that I’m proud that I always have hope even on dark days – – everyone stopped and shared at are. Then slowly but surely everyone started opening up… Pretty soon everyone was sharing personal triumphs that made them who they are today. And guess what? This week my whole team is much more respectful and empathetic towards one another. You never know what someone is going through and we should all be mindful of this.

So what makes YOU proud that you’ve done? It can be anything – – but we all have accomplished something that we can smile to ourselves about. We need to remember to celebrate ourselves and cut ourselves some slack. If you aren’t proud of what made you, what – – who will be? It sounds silly to toot your own horn but it’s necessary – – BE BOLD, BE PROUD and most importantly BE YOU!!