Are you a modern beauty? Do you keep up with the latest trends and fashions? Do you have a unique sense of style? Do you prefer natural/whatever is easy and feels good or do you enjoy getting dolled up? If you’re a career woman, busy mom, or involved in many extra-circulars it can be almost impossible to keep up with the latest – – never mind looking “fabulous” everyday.

I recently scored a job at the largest Canadian beauty supply company, Modern Beauty. Not only is it a job I would’ve only dreamed of, my new role has also┬áreinforced that beauty is 100% in the eye of the beholder. I am surrounded by “beautiful” people all day, everyday; models, fashionistas, Canada’s top models, beauty bloggers, stylists, hair and make up experts etc..

This job could probably give some people a “complex” but I genuinely love designing and crafting beautiful marketing pieces, magazines, website, social media campaigns and interacting with so many fascinating people. Everyone I meet inspires me in a different way and I am SO lucky to be where I am.

My message for all of you – – the key to feeling confident and comfortable within your own skin is to be proud of who you and where you came from. There will ALWAYS be someone whose prettier, more talented, funnier etc… but guess what? They’ll NEVER be YOU! So regardless of who you work with, associate with, surround yourself with, always try to love yourself first and to remember that you also have so much to offer.

BeBelle represents the Modern Beauty in all of us – – and we should all strive to let what’s inside us shine brighter than anything else. Just be yourself, “your people” will be drawn to your life and they’ll love you for who you are!