Getting homesick is a feeling I’ve become very familiar with. Living away from family and friends is not easy and until you experience it first hand you won’t understand the feeling of sadness we feel when we are away during special events, traditions etc – – in other words, the times when everything back home sounds like the best place in the world!

It is 100% okay to be homesick – – it’s natural and happens to everyone who lives away and is a reminder of all the things we truly care about. But, it isn’t always easy to get through so, here are some tips to help you cope:

  1. Boredom
    Being bored = possible homesickness, the more time you have to think, the more you want to be there. Join classes, volunteer, get a hobby, explore your area, meet new people, exercise … get a routine going!
  2. Surround your with familiar
    Similar to getting a routine, you need to surround yourself with familiar smells, foods, photos, nic-nacks, blankets etc. … and start visiting places in your community regularly so they recognize you and you feel welcome and comfortable.
  3. Stop your social media obsession
    Staying in touch can get very frustrating, people are “busy” and no they probably don’t think of you as much as you do of them if (if you’re the one living away). Photos and videos are comforting but obsessing with instagram and facebook is unhealthy – – pick up the phone or write an email. Social media is very much what people want you to see, don’t be fooled. GET OUT and experience where you are, stop with posting pictures and LIVE!
  4. Meet new people
    The more people you know, the easier it will be to have something to do. Whether its work school – – try to find someone to bond with! This can be intimidating and involves a level of uncomfortable-ness that most will never experience BUT you never know who will be your next BFF if you don’t try.
  5. Make people come visit you
    This isn’t always realistic and can be expensive but, sometimes a visit from friends and family can help a ton. You can show them around and start making new memories!