We’ve all been there – – you’re out at an event or enjoying time with friends and family the questions start.

“Sooo what’s the latest with you and ……..?!” (If anything is new you’d know)
“Where’s ……??” (whyyyyy are you even asking…)
“Why did things end? Oh my god, I’m sorry, being single is SO hard” (positive reinforcement, I like it)
“I would NOT want to be single now-a-days” (ohhh thanks!!)
“Have you tried online dating??” (ummm is that your business?)
“I know this grrrreat guy….” (suuuuure you do)

And ohhhh the looks of pity and horror when they realize you’re over 27.  I’m sure many of you have been in situations like this and can still feel how awkward it was.

The funny thing is – – as much as some of the comments, assumptions and words sting it doesn’t outweigh the fact that if something doesn’t work out as we hope – – there is a reason! And none of us should ever settle, life is too damn short. Too many people are in less than ideal relationships because being alone is so “scary”. You know whats scarier than leaving crappy situation? Living in it forever – – don’t choose that option ever, please.

Yes being single and alone may mean dates on dates on dates with bozos, meals alone, holidays alone, lonely nights, having to figure out life situations alone and being very self sufficient but at some point your person will waltz into your world. OR you’ll be so badass that you’ll be just fine on your own! Don’t settle for bullshit excuses, lies, disloyalty, inconsistency, messed up priorities, etc.. trust your gut and have the strength to stand alone if its its what’s best for YOU!