2017 has arrived, and I don’t know about you but a new year always fills me with the excitement of everything to come: new opportunities, new adventures, hopefully continued happiness and health, success etc. I always have big dreams for the coming year and set my New Year’s resolutions and goals with all my hopes and dreams in mind!

Unfortunately, a lot of the time our resolutions are broken before January is over. Many of you can probably relate to falling back into the routine of life and soon, all our hopes are dreams are just that … hopes and dreams.

So how do you create a better 2017 for yourself? You have to approach the new year from an entirely different thought process. You have to try to understand why your goals for each new year rarely work out – – first question, what’s getting in your way?

The first thing we need to do in 2017 is accept that most things probably won’t go exactly as planned and be okay with that. And secondly, (most importantly) for an amazing 2017, you need to love yourself more… lots more!

When I created BeBelle my main goal was to celebrate self-love, not love from others, but that love that comes from deep inside – – that love that will empower you to create a better 2017 for yourself!

So you’re thinking – – okay… what do I do to love myself more? First, you need to hit the breaks on  all negativity in your life – – stories you’ve been telling yourself about your worth, your capabilities, your potential for happiness and success, and start distancing yourself from people or things that make you feel insecure, anxious and unhappy.

The authentic, real you needs to come out and be very proud of who you are and everything you’ve gone through to get you to this day. No matter how much you’ve messed up, aren’t where you want to be, things are how you expected them to be or how much you’ve disappointed yourself (or others) – – you have a clean slate,  and you will do amazing things and have so much to look forward to! You just need to start rewriting your story.

Loving yourself means stepping out of your story and seeing that the real you isn’t this person who keeps making and breaking their New Years resolutions. The real you has unlimited potential that’s just waiting to be tapped.

When you love yourself, you give yourself permission to be different and better than the person you’ve been. You can free yourself from the old scripts you’ve been following and do something new, and accomplish all your dreams and goals.

Self-love gives you the opportunity to start fresh, to let go of whatever negativity you’ve been carrying and to pursue your goals with greater clarity, purpose and determination.

Self-love includes self-forgiveness; forgiveness for the mistakes you’ve made or the ways in which you feel like you should be in a different place than you are. True self-love is holding yourself accountable for the choices you’ve make and the actions you’ve taken. And being proud of who you are and how far you’ve come – – it’s the opportunity to look back, smile and be excited about 2017 and everything that’s coming your way!

When you love yourself, you can see yourself more clearly, so, if you want to have a better 2017, don’t even bother with New Year’s resolutions – – just focus on self-love. Identify and let go of all the negativity in your life and see yourself as someone with infinite potential, and recognize that there’s really nothing to stop you from pursuing your goals and living your dream life. The more you love yourself, the more free you’ll become, which will result in the best possible version of your true authentic self!

Happy New year & All the Best in 2017!