How many of your have ever felt like you had a to hide who you are or change to fit in and be accepted?

The excitement of a new friendship and new coworkers is a great feeling that many of you can probably relate to  – – it’s great to feel a connection with someone you share mutual interests with. But sometimes we end up disappointed, betrayed or hurt by the people we trust and invest in. These are lessons that make us stronger, wiser and more cautious in the future.

Unfortunately not everyone wants to be your genuine friend – – in fact, many people will do just about anything to make themselves look better or to fit in.

As they say, “they are not your friends until they have defended you in your absence”. Not everyone has an ulterior motive, but a lot of people are fake and are only looking out for number 1 – – do not be naive. Don’t be so quick to overshare, invest in and drop everything for a new friendship in your life – – make sure the relationship is of equal effort and they are also sharing with you.

If you are a genuine person, you may get your heart crushed many times before you learn this hard lesson but – – you’ll end up a strong, badass woman with the best loyal circle of genuine (stand by your side through everything) friends in the long run.

Try to be a good friend, stand up for the people in your life and treat them as you’d like to be treated. The fakes will show their true colours eventually and hopefully you’ll be left with a wonderful group of genuine lifelong friends!