Today we are thrilled to be featuring one of our favorite Style & Beauty Bloggers, Lindsay Truax from  – – if you don’t already follow her blog, you need to! We grew up 10 minutes apart in small border towns (her on the US side and me on the Canadian side). It has been so fun to watch her love for fashion become her job – – she is also married with two adorable little girls that we get sneak peaks of sometimes on her blog!
Everyone, meet my fashionista friend Lindsay!
Introduce yourself – what does BeBelle mean to you?
Name: Lindsay Truax
Career: Style & Beauty Blogger, Minnesota – Instagram

It’s a place for women to encourage others and learn from others personal experiences!

Best advice you’d give women to feel confident in their own skin?
To me beauty is an internal thing. You have to decide that you’re comfortable in your own skin.  I have always been told since a young age that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. God made you perfectly so rock it as best you can. Weather you’re a size 0 or whatever size don’t let others affect your self-worth.


How did you get into blogging and what has been your key to success?
I got into blogging as a creative outlet. I have always been really into fashion and wanted to help others pick out clothes and find outfit ideas. For me, time and consistency have been important for success.

Most important role model in your life?
My Grandmother, she was an amazing person with a strong faith. She always cared greatly for those in her life. She had an elegance about her but was very approachable.

Biggest personal struggle?
This year has been a really hard year. My daughter spent 5.5 weeks in the hospital.  Two of which she was on a breathing tube. We were so lucky to have such an amazing Children’s hospital near us and so many great people in our lives.


What makes you most happy?
Hands down my family. I have two amazing girls and husband. We have so much fun together.

Favourite healthy food/recipe?
I am a self proclaimed terrible cook. My knife skills in the kitchen are nothing to be proud of! I really like this kale salad recipe. My aunt made it for me and I fell in love.

Favourite trend this season?
Off the shoulder tops!

Best style tips/tricks?
Wearing a lot of bracelets. Buy a basic shirt and make the look stand out with a cool stack of bracelets and a statement necklace.


Weekly work-out schedule
My work out schedule has changed so much with small children. I just try to fit it in where ever possible.  My husband brings the girls to school so I try and run after they leave and do a few weights. Then on my lunch break I walk on a big incline.

Tips for balancing your world 
Balancing life is so tricky. I would love to say I am good at it but if you saw the pile of laundry in my house you would beg to differ. My family is the most important thing to me. I will not give up time with my girls. They’re only young for a short time. So I try to spend as much time with them as possible. After they go to bed I get as much done as I can before bed. My husband and I love to be outside so at night, we normally hang you on our front porch. Sometimes I wake up early to get my work out done.

Make sure to check out Lindsay’s blog (for those of you who aren’t already followers) – – and pinkandnavystripes on instagram!